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This is a private information page about electrical temperature measurement with resistance thermometers (e.g. Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000). My experiences of many years in the field of measurement and control technology are recorded. I do not take over any liability for incorrect information and would be pleased about further suggestions and requests for additions.
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What are standards and guidelines?

The measurement of temperature, in particular with electrical temperature sensors (e.g. Pt100), is described in many technical rules.
This defines manufacturer- and country-independent standards that guarantee a certain quality, safety and interchangeability of the temperature measuring devices.
There are national standards (DIN, VDI/VDE), European standards (CEN, CENELEC, ETSI), and international standards (ISO, IEC).

The best-known standards are:
  • DIN-Standard
    DIN standards are widely used in Germany. These are prepared by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and distributed by the Beuth-Verlag. Compliance with DIN standards is not binding. However, it is often required or at least recommended by law in many industries and sectors (e.g. the construction industry, electrical engineering, the automotive industry or medical technology)
    The designation of a DIN standard, consists of the 3 letters "DIN", a number and a date of publication:
    Example: DIN 43147:1989-06
  • DIN EN Standard
    The DIN EN standards ("German Industrial Standard European Standard) are European standards that are valid in all EU countries. They are an important part of European harmonization.
    These standards are developed in cooperation with the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the International Standards Organization (ISO). Existing DIN standards are often taken as a basis and supplemented for the European market.
    The designation of a DIN EN standard, consists of the 5 letters "DIN EN", a number and a date of publication:
    Example: DIN EN 43147:1989-06
  • ISO- Standard
    ISO Normen werden von der International Organization for Standardization (ISO) entwickelt und veröffentlicht. These standards are used in many countries around the world.
    The designation of an ISO standard, consists of the 3 letters "ISO", a number and a year of publication:
    Example: ISO 9001:2015
  • VDI/VDE Guidelines
    The VDI/VDE guidelines are developed and published. by the Association of German Engineers/Association of German Electrical Engineers. Compliance with VDI/VDE guidelines is recommended or mandatory in many industries and or prescribed. VDI/VDE guidelines are also internationally recognized and are often used as reference standards in other countries. VDI/VDE Richtlinien sind auch international anerkannt und werden oft als Referenznormen in anderen Ländern verwendet. The guidelines are practice-oriented and mainly refer to technical areas, such as measurement and control technology, electrical engineering, environmental technology or information technology.

Current standards for temperature measurement and temperature sensors (Pt100)

As of: 2023

Standard Edition Subject Link to Beuth-Verlag
DIN 1345 1993-12 Thermodynamics; terminology
DIN 5496 1991-05 Thermal radiation of volume radiators
DIN 16160 1990-11 Thermometers; concepts
DIN 43724 1979-02 Electrical temperature sensors; ceramic protecting tubes and holding rings for thermocouple thermometers
DIN 43735 2011-06 Process control technology - Electrical temperature sensors - Replaceable inserts for RTDs and thermocouples
DIN 43764 1986-03 Measurement and control; electrical temperature sensors; straight thermometers with interchangeable sensor units
DIN 43765 1986-03 Measurement and control; electrical temperature sensors; threaded-stem thermometers with G 1/2 mounting thread
DIN 43766 1986-03 Measurement and control; electrical temperature sensors; threaded-stem thermometers with G 1 mounting thread
DIN 43767 1986-03 Measurement and control; electrical temperature sensors; welded-stem thermometers
DIN 43769 1986-03 Measurement and control; electrical temperature sensors; thermometers not fitted with protecting tubes
DIN 43772 2000-03 Control technology- Protective tubes and extension tubes for liquid-in-glass thermometers, dial thermometers, thermocouples and resistance thermometers - Dimensions, materials, testing
DIN EN 50446 2007-04 Straight thermocouple assembly with metal or ceramic protection tube and accessories; German version EN 50446:2006
DIN EN 60584-1 2015-08 Thermocouples - Part 1: EMF specifications and tolerances (IEC 60584-1:2013)
DIN EN 60751 2009-05 Industrial platinum resistance thermometers (e.g. Pt100) and platinum temperature sensors
DIN EN 60770-1 2001-09 Transmitters for use in industrial-process control systems - Part 1: Methods for performance evaluation
DIN EN 61515 2017-03 Mineral insulated metal-sheathed thermocouple cables and thermocouples
VDI/VDE 3511 Bl.4 2011-12 Temperature measurement in industry - Radiation thermometry

The table makes no claim to completeness. We assume no liability for errors.
The standards can be purchased from Beuth-Verlag.