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This is a private information page about electrical temperature measurement with resistance thermometers (e.g. Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000). My experiences of many years in the field of measurement and control technology are recorded. I do not take over any liability for incorrect information and would be pleased about further suggestions and requests for additions.
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Suppliers of Pt100

Links to selected manufacturers and suppliers of Temperature Sensors.

Market overview

Some designs of Pt100 resistance thermometers are standardized in DIN and thus allow easy interchangeability, even of products from different manufacturers. In addition, there are a large number of very different variants of Pt100 resistance thermometers that have proven themselves for specific applications or are built to customer specifications.
Almost all manufacturers can supply all variants, i.e. ultimately it is mainly quality, service, delivery time and price that decide which supplier to choose.
An exception are Pt100 resistance thermometers, which are used in hazardous areas.
For this purpose, the manufacturing company required an approval.
If special certificates (e.g. SIL) are required, there is a further restriction of the suppliers available for selection.
Below is a brief overview of the most common designs on the market for special applications.

Pt100 resistance thermometer for general applications

Pt100 with thermowell according to DIN

e.g. type MWD from Kobold Messring
Measuring range: -198 to +600°C
Connection: thread, flange, weld-in sleeve
Electr. connection: terminal head
Immersion tube material: st. steel
Sensor: Pt100, 2-, 3- oder 4-Leiter, class A, B, 1/3 or 1/10 DIN
Option: 4 - 20 mA, HART®, Profibus® PA, Fieldbus®

Pt100 to screw in with plug

e.g. type TR36 from Wika
Measuring range: -50 to +250°C
Connection: thread 1/4-1/2", M12, M20
Electr. connection: angle plug acc. DIN EN175301-803 form A
Immersion tube material st. steel
Sensor: Pt100, 2-, 3- oder 4-Leiter, Klasse A or B
Option: 4 - 20 mA

Pt100 plug-in resistance thermometer with cable

e.g. type 16 from TC Mess-und Regeltechnik
Measuring range: to +235°C
Connection: optional compression fitting, thread
Electr. connection: cable
Sensor housing: st. steel
Sensor: 1xPt100 class A, B, 1/3, 1/5, 1/10 DIN

Pt100 pipe contact sensor

e.g. type GRO 200 from Greisinger
Measuring range: -50 to +200°C
Connection: with pipe clamp
Electr. connection: cable
Sensor housing: Aluminium
Sensor: 1xPt100

Pt100 resistance thermometer for specific industries

Pt100 marine version with connection cable

e.g. type TWE from Sika
Measuring range: 0 to +600°C
Connection: Thread G 1/4, G 1/2, M20
Electr. connection: cable
Immersion tube material: st. steel
Sensor: 1x Pt100, 2xPt100 3-Leiter, class 1 or B

Pt100 for food industry

e.g. type TSB from Anderson Negele
Measuring range: -50 to +250°C (-200 to +400°C)
Connection: CleanAdapt, Tri-Clamp, Varivent, Thread
Electr. connection: st. steel terminal head
Immersion tube material: st. steel
Sensor: 2xPt100 3-Leiter, class A, AA or AAA
Option: 4-20 mA, I/O-Link

Pt100 for heat meters

e.g. type HEATemp from Jumo
Measuring range: 0 to +180°C
without for insertion Connection: without for insertion
Electr. connection: cable
Sensor husing: st. steel
Sensor: 1xPt100 2-or 4-Leiter
Option: paired with certificate of conformity

Please note that the selection of manufacturers is random and is not intended to be a recommendation to buy.