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This is a private information page about electrical temperature measurement with resistance thermometers (e.g. Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000). My experiences of many years in the field of measurement and control technology are recorded. I do not take over any liability for incorrect information and would be pleased about further suggestions and requests for additions.
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Accuracy of Pt100 - temperature sensors

The accuracy of Pt100 temperature sensors is specified in DIN IEC 751 in so-called classes.
The accuracy class for the Pt100 sensor is determined by the manufacturer.

Download table of permissible measuring errors according to IEC 751

Calculation formulas for accuracy of Pt100 sensors

The measurement deviation can be calculated using the following formulas.

Class A Class B

Class A Class B
-200 °C 0,55 °C 1,30 °C +400 °C 0,95 °C 2,30 °C
-100 °C 0,35 °C 0,80 °C +500 °C 1,15 °C 2,80 °C
0 °C 0,15 °C 0,30 °C +600 °C 1,35 °C 3,30 °C
+100 °C 0,35 °C 0,80 °C +700 °C --- 3,80 °C
+200 °C 0,55 °C 1,30 °C +800 °C --- 4,30 °C
+300 °C 0,75 °C 1,80 °C

Some manufacturers of Pt100 sensor elements, have extended these tolerance ranges according to the requirements of the market.
For example: